How to Search for an Existing Case

NOTE: Users will only be able to search for cases that were initially filed in GovLink

1. Click the “Cases” tab at the top of your dashboard.

2. Users can either search for a specific case assigned to them OR search all cases for that location.

3. All Cases: Will search all cases within the specified location.

  • Select the County to be searched, AND then enter either:
    • The Case/Docket ID (also referred to as the Civil Action Number) OR
    • Part or all of a Party’s First and Last names.

4. Once the required fields have been filled, the Search button will become clickable.

5. User may also expand Advanced Filter and search:

  1. Enter part of all of the External ID Number
  2. Searching by party type
  3. Searching by party entity
  4. The additional options of Court Type, Case Category and Case Type cannot be altered here.

6. Click the “Search” button.

7. View the results of your search below the search box. Click any column heading to sort the results.